Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Pepper & Tomato Plants

William stopped by the County Co-Op this morning and picked up two more bell pepper red bell and one yellow bell, four banana pepper plants and three tomato plants.
Late this afternoon we transplanted them. If we can keep them watered and some kind of insect doesn't get them, we will have peppers and tomatoes until frost. :)

William also finished the pen for the goslings and moved them into their brand new home this afternoon.

I heard thunder all around us this afternoon but we didn't get any rain out of the clouds. We did get an inch of rain yesterday but when we were digging holes to transplant the peppers and tomatoes the soil was dry a couple of inches down.

This has been a very hot and dry summer. Rain is still in the forecast until Saturday so maybe X (fingers crossed) we will get some more rain.

That's about all the news from Hunny Bunny Haven for the day.


  1. We had a heavy rain the other day but as you said, the ground is dry a couple of inches down.

  2. My hubby said the ground is damp deeper. He dug some holes to transplant crepe myrtles and the soil was damp in the holes which is a good thing for the trees. :)

    We did two more rains though afterward. Or two good showers in one night.