Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Days Are Winding Down

August 1st is coming upon us way too fast. That's the day the teachers have to report back for school. The teachers begin on Monday and the students will start on Thursday. I've gotten so use to William being home every day so it's going to be lonesome here without him.

Good news is that he may get to retire soon and then he'll be home every day if he doesn't get tired of staying home and decide to go back to work. LOL This morning we took a trip to Jackson to check on his retirement. Everything is looking good for a Christmas time retirement.

A little rain fell this afternoon. More of a sprinkle than a rain. I hear thunder in the distance now so maybe we'll get a good shower before the night is over. I hope so. If it doesn't rain tonight we'll have to water the garden in the morning.

The turkeys and guineas are moved into the large brooder. They were not too excited about being moved. They huddled up in the corner like scared little rabbits.

William and I gathered the pepper this afternoon. There's a large plastic dishpan of cayenne and jalapeno peppers. I think one of my nephews is going to come by and get it in the morning. I hope he will. I don't need this much pepper and I hate for it to waste.

I am supposed to be keeping two little girls next week. They're not so little anymore. One is twelve and the other almost ten. Also, one of our granddaughters is coming to spend a few days with us. We always look forward to our grandchildren visiting. This one likes to get into the breadmaking, gardening type activities. I enjoy teaching any of the grands skills that can help them along in life.

William and I are planning to pick more figs in the morning. Also, there is a yard sale that he wants to check out. We also have to get the food for his birthday party we have planned for Saturday. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

It's been another hot day today and the weather forecast is predicting even hotter days next week. This hot weather has been rough the last few weeks but in a few months I will be wishing for some warm weather. Just watch and see. LOL

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