Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All those Tommy Toes, Grape and Red Pear Tomatoes...

What to do? What to do? Make tomato juice! That's what I will do.

The Yellow Tommy Toes, the Jelly Bean Grape, the Red Pear and the Red Tommy Toes are producing a lot of tomatoes. Why do I do this every year? One plant each would be plenty to nosh on but NO! I plant three of each and then we can't eat all the tomatoes they produce and nobody wants the little tomatoes, they all want the ones the worms wanted. Well, I wanted them too. LOL

William gathered a plastic dishpan full of small tomatoes. I made salads, we ate them for snack, I cut them in quarters and put them with our eggs and bacon for breakfast and there were still loads of little tomatoes. So......I cleaned them and cut them in pieces, put one cup of water in the boiler with the tomatoes and cooked them. Then I strained the juice and all the pulp I could get through the strainer, put the juice in pint jars and canned it.

Now it doesn't look that good but it taste pretty good and will certainly flavor stews this winter. All those tomatoes only made five pints of juice but that's five pints of juice I didn't have. :)


I was feeling over run by "little" tomatoes but now I'm hoping that we have another load of them.

I've canned tomatoes before but never used the over abundance of little tomatoes to make juice. I'm feeling kinda, sorta proud of myself for finally getting IT!

Don't let produce spoil....Do something with it even if it's canning pale colored tomato juice. Looks aren't everything.....Nope....and I'm really glad for that!

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