Sunday, June 13, 2010

Still No Rain!

We haven't gotten any rain yet. William watered the garden for about four hours yesterday. Maybe that will hold it for a while. That cholorinated water just isn't the same as what we get from the heavens. It's rained in the area but as my Mom used to tell us "Guess we ain't paying the preacher enough." LOL

William gathered the green beans this morning. I have them ready to wash and put into jars. This is the first time that I gotten to use my new canner (I bought it last summer and our garden fizzled). Also, the first time I've ever used a pressure canner to put up green beans. I'm so excited.

The beans are looking promising this year. I would be happy if I can get at least fifty jars of green beans. Most of them will be pints but a few quarts to have when we have family get togethers.

We are getting the second spurt of zucchinis too. I'm shredding some of them to put in the freezer for breads, muffins and fritters. One of my e-buddies gave me a fritter recipe that is "OH SO GOOD" as Mr Food likes to say. The fritters are great served with field peas, chicken and a few pods of reallllllllllllllllllllly hot peppers.

I made zucchini muffins for breakfast this morning using splenda as the sweetener. They were good but a little too sweet for my taste so next time I will cut back on the sweetener a little. I sprinkled some Parmasan across the top of three just to see how they would taste. The were pretty good...the salty flavor paired with the sweet flavor was good with a cup of hot coffee.

Next time I make the muffins I'm going to do half white flour with half wheat flour and see how that works. It would good if I could make the muffins with all wheat flour and none of the white. I don't know if that will work very well or not but there's nothing like trying it once to see. Got to be adventurous. LOL

The skies are a little cloudy. Maybe....Just maybe....we'll get a shower this afternoon. Doesn't hurt to hope....and pray.

That's all the news around Hunny Bunny Haven for today. I have to get busy canning the beans. See y'all later. You come back now, ya hear!

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