Friday, June 18, 2010

It RAINED!!!!!!!

YES! We got a good, slow, soaking rain last night! In fact it rained for almost three hours. Our garden was so happy this morning that the plants all had their little limbs lifted up giving thanks. :)

We could use more rain but I am truly thankful for the water that fell last night. More will come and it will come right on time.

I had some small tomato plants in cups sitting in a plastic container. These tomatoes are for late tomatoes. This morning I check on them to make sure they got some water last night. Yep, they got plenty of water. The cups were floating in about three inches of water in the container. I emptied the water out of the cups while my nice husband put more soil around the roots of the tomatoes. They were looking pretty good when I looked at them this afternoon.

I was on the brink thinking I'd lost my fall tomatoes. But not everything is as it seems. Thank goodness.

I've gotten a few veggies put in the freezer but no canning done yet. I've never used a pressure canner by myself. I have a new pressure canner that has never been used. I read all the info about how to properly use it and was all set to can green beans. Well.......I couldn't get the blasted top to fit.

I was so frustrated when William got home from school bus driving license renewal workshop. He walks over to the canner....Picks the top up and "CLICK" it fits perfectly. GRRRRRR......He wanted to know where the beans were....I just smiled and said "In the freezer." :)

Next time, I hope he's here to put the top on the canner. He's sure handy to have around. Reckon he be's a keeper!

William is getting all the materials together to build us two more raised beds. He thinks there's room for two more sixteen foot beds. That would be really nice for collard greens, turnip greens, kale, swiss chard, mustard, radishes, and lettuces for fall.

I'm planning to plant more yellow squash, zucchini and cucumbers the middle of August. With the late tomatoes we'll be set until frost.

Time to call it a day. Thanks for dropping by. Come again anytime. :)

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