Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day Of Summer?

Could have fooled me! We've had summer for several weeks. When the temps get to the mid-nineties then it's summer time. LOL

Nothing much is going on in the garden except some harvesting. Oh, and watering. Lots of watering. I let the water go until there's at least an inch on the plants. When we get our water bill we may faint.

The beans that I planted around the tepee poles are beginning to make. We picked enough of the Italian flat beans to have for dinner last night. They were really good. William and I both like the Italian flat beans. We both like green beans in general.

The Louisiana Purple pods are doing pretty good. We're picking them in the morning and are going to take them to Louisiana to the Aunt's and Uncle's house. Along with the beans we will be taking some yellow squash, peppers and hopefully some ripe tomatoes.

The flowers in the hideaway will need to be watered before we leave on our trip. Everything is so dry. I suppose with heat indexes near one hundred five I can't expect anything else.

The tomato plants we have for our late tomatoes almost drowned when it rained Thursday night. I had the cups setting on some paper towels in a large plastic container. The towels held moisture so I didn't have to water every day. After the rain Thursday night, there was about two inches of water in the plastic container and the tomato plants were floating.

I recued them by taking the cups out of the container and adding more soil. They're looking all right now. Guess I need to put them back in the container with more paper towels and water them well before we leave on our trip. I'll put the container in the storage building just in case of rain.

We plan on putting these plants out by the middle of July for tomatoes until frost. I would hate to lose them to drowning. :(

That's about all that is happening around this area. I have to get back to my chores. Thanks for coming. Come again anytime you want to drop in. By the way, I will be posting some more pictures when we return from our trip. :)

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