Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain!

The Mississippi summer is here. It's so hot and so dry....the ground is dry that is. The humidity is horrible.

I planted some tomato seeds in cups for late tomatoes. I went to water them today and the humidity is so high my clothes stuck to my body in less than three minutes outside. Whew!
One thing for sure, I didn't tarry outside for very long.

Our garden needs a good rain. We've talked about watering it but the weather person has promised us some rain tonight and tomorrow. We hope she's right.

Production has slowed down in the garden already and it's just started producing. We have high hopes for this garden. I hope we're not disappointed.

Nothing major is happening around here these days. William is working on a chair for one of his co-workers. I'm holding down the fort inside as much as possible.

Maybe we will get a good rain and the temps will drop some and the humidity will fall too. Then I will venture back outside for some gardening. Until then me and the air conditioner are going to be joined at the hips. :)

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  1. Hello cuz...just visiting. :) Keeping up with what is going on at your homestead. The fried green tomato and bacon sandwich sounds heavenly. I will have to try it. Your William is so talented. I love the colorful benches. I will return and visit again soon. Love you. Your favorite cuz.