Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Children, Grandchildren and Sons-in-law

We were privileged to have our four children, six grandchildren and our three sons-in-law with us for Resurrection Sunday lunch. My Mom and stepfather were here also.
We had a large lunch and then all the children (yes even the oldest children) had an egg hunt.

It was fun to watch them running around looking for the eggs that William had hidden after lunch. Everyone wanted the prize eggs.

I have some pictures of our family posted below. I hope you enjoy our day with us.


All the children hunting eggs.


Our children and their spouses. L-R Lance, Erica (D), Mark (S) Richard, Todd Front row L-R Sandi (D) Lisa (D)


Grandchildren Back Row L-R Matthew, Symanthia, Jonathan, Avery, Front Row L-R Emily, Meagen


  1. what a beautiful family!
    We had some great Easter egg hunts when I was a kid, but when I had my son.. it was hard because he could never find the eggs even when they were in plain sight!!

  2. Thank you. I'm very proud of all of them. :)