Sunday, April 26, 2009

Planting the garden

On Saturday, William and I planted part of the garden. We planted cucumbers, yellow squash, butter beans and set out Cayenne, Jalapeno, Sweet Bell and Sweet Banana Peppers and Big Boy Tomatoes. William has the rows ready for the green beans and okra. I hope to get those in the ground tomorrow.

We are using rabbit and aged chicken manure for fertilizer this year. We used commercial fertilizer last year and neither of us was happy with the way our garden grew. This year we are going more organic again.

We still have to get the rows ready for the Zipper Cream peas and another row for tomatoes.

I have some seed that a Homesteading Today member sent me that I want to get in the ground also. There are beans to be planted but I would like to put these beans on a teepee for running beans. There's a small number of seed for the two varieties of beans so I think teepees will be a better way of planting these.

I have some Thai pepper seed that I want to plant, too. I will plant these straight into the soil.

Then we plan to till an area and sow some purple hull peas in this area. I am afraid these won't do too well since there is not a lot of sun in the area. But, it won't hurt to try.

We need to cut some trees so we can have a sunnier area for planting.

I have posted some pictures below of the garden.

These are the rows we planted in squash and cucumbers.

William spread the rabbit manure on the rows then he worked the manure in with a garden claw.




  1. have you ever thought of composting? That makes the most fertile dirt you can possibly use.
    That looks like a beautiful place for a garden :)

  2. We have a compost bin but the materials aren't ready to use just yet.

    Thank you. This garden space was horrible when we first moved here. We have added composted leaves and manures to the soil until it is better but can still use more.