Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chicks at almost one month old

The chicks are growing. They are feathering out and the roos are beginning to look like roosters. I am not sure which are the Easter Eggers yet but I should be able to tell soon. The Easter Egger roos are all white I think. The pullets are different colors and some are about the same color as the Buttercup pullets.

As quickly as the chicks are getting feathers, I think I will be able to move them to a pen soon. The weather here is warming up nicely so the chicks should be warm enough. I will keep a light on them for a while longer.

The babies are becoming chickens!


This is the rare/unusual chick that was included in my order. I have no idea what it is but do know it is a crested bird.


Some of the Buttercup pullets.

I couldn't get all twenty-six of the chicks in a group so I could get a picture. Some of them are camera shy. :)


The chicks are growing so fast. In a few months they will all be grown and I will be collecting eggs from the hens. I am looking forward to the different shades of blues and greens from the Easter Eggers and the white eggs from the Buttercups. Combined with the Barred Rocks that we have now, we will have a nice flock of chickens for eggs.

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