Sunday, August 26, 2012

There's A Storm A Brewing

Issac is in the Gulf of Mexico and seems to be heading in the same path Katrina took.  I can't bear to think about what another storm like Katrina will do to our Gulf and to our garden.

Katrina brought a lot of damage even further than we live north of the Gulf.  We had trees down and power outages.  In fact, William and I slept on the floor in front of the screen door for seven days.  We had no power for seven nights and days. 

Our garden is growing great guns.  I hate to think about the havoc a storm will do to the garden.  The tomatoes will be torn up as will the peas.

The Marianna's Conflict tomatoes are beginning to ripen.  They are very nice tomatoes but are cracking open.  I'm thinking the cracking is being brought on by the several days of rain we received a couple of weeks ago.  I sure was looking forward to those big, delicious tomatoes on a sandwich or two or ten....The last tomato sandwiches of the summer are always the best. 

I hope that I'm stewing over nothing.  I'm praying this storm will fizzle out before it reaches our coast.  We're still recovering from Katrina.

William caught the skunk that had been coming to visit.  He is now resting in pieces.  I think there's another one around making a stinker of itself.  I know they think they've found a source of food but I hope the pens are secure enough that the rascals can't get into our birds.

Hunny Bunny Haven has been relatively quiet except for the skunks coming to visit.  Even the dog and cat are getting along.  :)  Thank you for dropping by.  Please come again.

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