Friday, August 3, 2012

Not Musing But Amusing....

I'm a facebook junkie and I'm the first to admit it.  Although, I will say I've gotten better....Not quite as addicted to facebook as I once was but I do still like to read other people's opinions even though I don't agree with a lot of them.  But, that's alright...It's called free speech and this is still the United States of America.

I said all the above to say this.  A few weeks ago we had over a week's worth of days when it rained every day.  People were wanting rain before the rain came.  After a couple of days people on facebook were complaining...moaning and groaning...sick of the rain! 

We've had a week of very hot temperatures and no rain.  People (again on facebook) are complaining...moaning and groaning and praying for rain.  I find it very amusing that some people cannot be satisfied even as a friend of mine once said "if they were hung with a new rope." 

We need some rain.  We need it badly but I have learned in my sixty-something years that rain will come.  It always does and it's right on time. 

I've also learned that if the rain comes and comes and comes and comes that one day it will stop....Everything will dry up and life will go on.  No amount of complaining, whining, moaning and groaning is going to change anything.  Now praying will help...after all we're not in charge of the weather...We can't do anything about it except wait.  It will change in a day or two.  Just give it time!

That's all folks.  My take on people who think complaining about the weather will change it.  :)

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