Tuesday, July 31, 2012

They're Jumping Up Like Nobody's Business!

The seed we planted last week are coming up.  They're popping up like popcorn in an old cast iron skillet. 

If we could get a good rain the plants would jump up like Jack's beanstalk.  Rain is in the forecast for tonight and for several other days this week.  I am praying the forecast is correct.

William fertilized the peppers, eggplants, late tomatoes and the old tomato vines.  Rain would help them also.

There's just something about gardening that brings a peace to me.  Good food too!

I am trying to sell some of the birds and rabbits.  I have the birds in our state market bulletin and the rabbits on a local Buy, Sell and Trade site on facebook.  We need to downsize to at least half of what we have now. 

If we don't sell the birds and the rabbits this time we are going to have to send all of them to "Freezer Camp".

 I will check on the flowers in the morning and see if just possibly the marigolds are sticking their little heads out of the dirt.  That would be a nice surprise!

That's all folks! Thanks for coming.

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