Friday, July 27, 2012

Flowers Planted!!!!

We planted marigolds, zinnias, cosmos and purple coneflowers this afternoon.  As soon as we got the seed covered the rain came.  A good soaking kind of rain. 

I'm looking forward to the flowers coming up, transplanting them all through the bed, then a sea of colors and all this before frost. 

If the seeds germinate as I hope there will be a lovely sight to see when we look out our living room window. 

I'm also going to put three or four tomato plants in the bed.  So the bed will be producing food as well as beauty.  This is my plan if I can find some tomato plants in town.  If not I will break some suckers off our plants that have just started bearing and set the suckers out.  They should root and produce fruit before frost.

Oh!  Did I say it rained?  A slow, soaking kind of rain!  LOL  I know I have already told you all about the rain but I'm just so happy about that nice shower that I thought it deserved saying twice.

More next time.  Thanks for coming by.  Please come again.  :)s to you all.

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