Friday, July 13, 2012

More Rain...No Seeds...

We had rain most of the day yesterday (July 12th).  Everything is soaked now.  A very good thing!

There is a crepe myrtle that I had rooted on the back door step.  William and I have watered it but it still turned brown and I thought it had died.  Lo and behold since the rain came the leaves have come back green and pretty.  The cutting came from a crepe myrtle my Daddy set out in their yard many years ago.  It's kind of special to me and I hated to see it die.  Now that I know it's still alive it needs to go into the ground and soon.

We've decided to plant Zipper Cream peas.  These are William's favorite peas.  I called all three suppliers in Philadelphia.....Nobody has the seeds.  So I called Lauderdale County Co-op.  They have the seeds but we can't get down there until Monday.  I will have to call Monday morning to see if they still have any in stock before we drive fifty miles to get seeds.

I hope we can get the garden replanted Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Then we will have to set up a schedule to keep it watered.  It's still summer in the south.  It's still hot and will be dry again before long.

When we get the garden cleaned up and replanted there will be more pictures. 

The sunflowers are blooming so I'm going to try to get some pictures of them.  The flowers aren't as large as I was thinking they would be but the stems are the nine feet tall listed on the seed envelope. 

We're planning to dry the flower heads to give to the chickens this winter.  I wish we had a good size patch we could plant sunflowers and harvest for protein in the chicken feed.

We actually sold five of our rabbits today.  That is good!  Maybe we will soon be rid of most of them.  The rabbits we don't sell will be sent to "Freezer Camp."

This is all the "exciting news" from Hunny Bunny Haven for now.  I'm going to attempt to add some pictures the next time I post.  

Thanks for coming by and try to stay cool.  :)

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