Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What have I been up to?

Sewing and knitting!

I knit while I'm watching t.v. and sew in between household chores.

I saw Martha Stewart make the baby changing pad on one of her programs several months ago. It's easily put together and will make nice baby gifts. There's a pocket on the pad for a diaper, wet wipes and a pocket for diaper cream. For the front I chose a colorful fabric and the backside is made of a hand towel. It can be folded and tied to fit into a diaper bag.

They're convenient to use when a mother needs to change her baby in a public bathroom. I love the idea of having the pad to lay the baby on instead of putting the infant on the bare changing table.

Laying the baby on a bare public changing table doesn't seem sanitary to me. I've seen many moms laying their tiny babies down on those cold, plastic, dirty changing tables. May be I can keep one of the pads with me and make a gift of them when I see a mother about to put her baby on a dirty table. :)

I will have to admit that the knitting is not done with needles but with a hoop. The hoop gets the job done and it's quick.

The little caps were play time. I made one and gave it to three year old Emmy Kate (the baby in our family and my great neice) for her baby doll. It IS getting cold you know.

The adult size caps I'm going to donate to a homeless shelter or the Salvation Army. There's plenty of people out there that can use a warm tobagan.

On an aside note.......WE HAVE GOTTEN RAIN three days in a row and from the forecast there's more on the way now. There was a tornado warning a few minutes ago for two counties southwest of us. The storm was moving this way although the tornado warning has been lifted. Thank God for the rain!

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