Friday, October 8, 2010

No Frost.....

We had some fall nearing winter temperatures this last week. One night the low was thirty-six degrees.

The vegetables in the pictures above are why it would be nice if the frost held off for a few more weeks.

We have some nice looking tomatoes that are still very green. It would be wonderful if these tomatoes could ripen on the vines or at least get mature enough that I could bring them in and let them ripen.

My youngest daughter gave me her prediction today. "Mom, these tomatoes will NOT be ripe before frost." Thanks Li...Just what I needed to hear. LOL I'm hoping that she is wrong too.

There's a good crop of new Jalapeno peppers on the vines. I'm hoping they will mature so I can chop them to go into salsa later on this winter.

But whatever comes that will be what comes. Nothing I can do about the weather. Maybe Ol' Man Winter will stay away for a few more weeks so Jack Frost won't come calling.

If there's frost in the forecast I guess I can pull the green tomatoes and we can go on a green tomato binge. We can have fried green tomato and bacon sandwiches, fried green tomatoes and grits or a plate full of fried green tomatoes.

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