Saturday, October 16, 2010

There's Just Nothing Like It!

I can't think of anything better than fresh greens cooked in a black iron pot with bacon to season them. Mustard and turnip greens grown without insecticides or commercial fertilizer. I know they are healthy eating.....well maybe they would have been healthier sans the bacon for seasoning but you only live once. :)

Add to those fresh greens a piece of chicken that is oven fried and a baked sweet potato...A sliced cucumber and hot peppers on the side rounded out the meal. That's what this southern gal calls a gourmet meal.

The pear tomatoes are ripening. I picked four on Thursday and had them with my scrambled egg on Friday. They had a good tomato taste for it to be so late in the season. When I was gathering the greens this afternoon I noticed there are a few more ready to be picked. Being the good wife I am, I'll let William have these.

There were a few yellow squash large enough to gather today. I sliced them and a couple of potatoes and an onion then stewed them down for dinner tomorrow night. I gathered a handful of green beans for our dinner also.

While I was in the garden I pulled a green tomato to slice and fry for our breakfast in the morning. I think we will have a bacon and fried green tomato sandwich.

We are enjoying the last of our bounty before the cold sets in and the veggies are gone. I'll miss running out the back door to gather fresh vegetables for our meals but I can begin to dream of the coming spring when the cycle will begin all over again.

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