Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jan's Secret Hide-Away

My sweet William has built a secret garden for me. It's built under a Sycamore tree in the shadiest part of our yard. He used old wooden pallets to put the fence up and topped it with lattice. The gate is a very old door that was in a barn being torn down to make way for a new highway.

We've moved some plants from around our yard to start the flower bed. Then we bought some Impatiens and Begonias to fill in with color.

Lisa and Sandi gave me a glider that is from the fifties or sixties. We've painted it a pale bluish-green or a pale greenish-blue. Whichever way you see the color is the way it is. LOL The glider will be place to the north side of the Sycamore.

William is going to build a table to sit in front of the glider. There we will let our coffee set while we sit on the glider spending quality time together. I can use the table for my tea when I sit under the Sycamore tree and read.

We don't have the fence painted or stained yet. We will do that so the wood will not decay and my fence fall down.

William covered the ground under the tree with black garden cloth and pea gravel. We are going to use pine straw for mulch around the flowers.

Here's some pictures of the secret garden in progress.

The beginning:


My sweet Hubby working on the fence. It's hot and dirty work!


The fence is coming along:


The gate--an old stall door from a barn close to a hundred years old or maybe more.


The lattice is added to the top of the pallets to make it more private. No one can peek over the fence at me unless they're a giant of course. :)


The pea gravel has been spread in the seating area:


We moved some plants to each side of the fence about a month ago.

East side:


West side:


I added some Begonias today and hope to get the impatiens transplanted tomorrow. There will be more pictures when we get the glider moved in and a little decorating done. Y'all come and sit a spell with me. We'll sip iced tea and talk a while!

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