Sunday, May 16, 2010

We got a good rain yesterday afternoon. All the vegetables look like they've grown six inches since yesterday.

I walked around looking how much the vines had grown overnight when low and behold I spied a baby cucumber. I went on to check the yellow squash and the zucchini vines. There's some baby yellow squash and some baby zucchini. Upon further investagation I found some tiny tomatoes (Early Girl) about the size of a nickel and a sweet banana pepper almost a half inch long.

Baby Cuke!

Our First Yellow Squash:

Tiny Zucchini. If all the buds on the four zucchini plants make I will have to do as the old joke says: Put a bushel of zucchini on the neighbors doorstep and run.

This tomato will have the honor of being this summer's first fried green tomato. Yummy!


Little Sweet Banana Pepper: And I do mean "little".

Fresh Veggies! They're gonna be here right near soon. It really doesn't seem to have been very long since we planted the seeds. About four weeks I think and the vines are already putting on fruit.

The green beans that I planted last Saturday are up. I think every seed I planted came up. That's a good thing!

The Thai pepper and the Poblano pepper hasn't shown itself yet. I am not having any luck with either of these peppers. It would be nice to have both of them but I really want the Thai pepper. Guess I need to Google it and read about the germination habits of Thai pepper to see if I'm planting it correctly.


The six chicks that hatched are growing like weeds. They're eating like grown ones. I have to fill their feeder two or three times a day. I was hoping that they'd be all pullets but no such luck. I know there's two little "misters". It sure would have been a "good thing" if I'd had five pullets and one rooster in the bunch. That would have been enough young hens for us this year. I will need to do another incubation of at least twelve eggs. I may just wait and get some hens and see if they go broody. Then I will have natural incubators. I will have to check with my buddy to see if he found any bantoms or game hens to use for brooding.

Here's a picture of the baby chicks.


That's it for the babies! I will have to be careful to not watch the little fruits too much. You know the old saying "A watched pot never boils"? If I'm too anxious it will seem like forever before the little baby veggies are ready to harvest. It's going to be tough but I can do it! Yea right. I'll be in that garden first thing in the morning to see how much those little rascals have grown.

Hang around. I'll be back to show you the fruit when it's ready for the pickin'.

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