Thursday, May 14, 2009


I couldn't wait....I had to go check on the baby ducklings this morning. One of the little ducklings was away from the rest down between a 2"X4" and some wire. It was trying to get out of its prison so being the superheroine that I am I went in to save the baby.

OUCH!!! Two mommas came after me and so did the poppa. I backed out (as quickly as these old legs would take me) then got an old refrigerator shelf for a shield.

I went back in using the shield to keep the ducks away from me. I reached in and picked up the baby, moved it back to the nest then watched as little duckie went right back to the hole. Silly goose...uh I mean duckling.

I finally got the baby out and it stayed in the nest. But...this wasn't accomplished without injury on my part. One of the mommas got hold of the pinkie on my right hand. OUCH!!! I didn't know ducks could hurt like that. Learned a lesson today. One I won't forget.

I have to explain to those babies that they need to stay close to momma 'cause a big chicken snake is still loose out there somewhere!

By the way, I couldn't count them...Yeah?...No!...but there were a bunch of babies in the nests this morning. Good job momma ducks.

Last spring we had momma ducks set on eggs and hatch nine ducklings. We could walk in the pen and pick up the babies. The mommas quacked but no attacks. The ducks we have this spring are in attack mode. Big Time!

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