Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gardening Again This Saturday

One of the first things I did today was gather swiss chard for our late lunch. I sauteed the chard in olive oil and butter then added garlic to the chard when it was almost done. Yummy!

We have planted three rows of green beans and one row of okra today. The green beans are pole beans so we will need to put up a frame to hold the sticks that we use for the beans to run on.

The okra is a dwarf variety. If it is like what I planted last summer it will only grow about three feet tall. I like this size because it doesn't shade the beans it is planted next to.

William is making up rows to plant the zipper cream peas on. I hope we can get those in the ground later on today. We will have three rows of zipper cream peas in the garden this year.

I will have one more row to plant and I plan to put more tomatoes on that row. By planting this many tomatoes I hope to have enough to can this summer. If I can tomatoes, I will make William happy because he can eat a quart of tomatoes at a time.

I checked the rows that we planted last weekend. The squash and butterbeans are coming up on one end of the rows. I can't figure out why the seeds aren't coming up all down the rows. I will check them on Monday or Tuesday and if they aren't coming up by then, I will replant.

The cucumbers aren't coming up very well at all. Two hills have come up and that is all. However, this I can explain. The cucumber seed were old. In fact the seeds were five years old. I am going to check my seed box to see if I have any newer seed. If there are more seeds in the box, I will replant this afternoon. If there are no more seed then I will get some when I go to town and get them planted tomorrow.

The tomato plants and pepper plants we put out last weekend look great. After the rain we got the other night, the tomato plants look like they have grown six inches.

I found more cucumber seed in my seed box. These are the burpless cukes. There are only a few seeds but I will put them out the first of the week if we don't have rain.

There were some herb seeds too. I need to plant some sage, parsley, cilantro, chives and basil. Now that I found the seed for each one of these herbs I will try to get them in the ground when I replant the cukes. There is a package with a few dill weed seeds in it also. Got to have those herbs. Chives and basil more than any of the others. However, I love them all.

We planted two rows in zipper cream peas. We need to get the other row bedded up so I can get it planted as soon as possible.

That's my day for this Saturday. Now I'm ready for a good hot shower and the bed.

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