Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Garden AKA The Mudhole

I went out after the pouring rain this morning to check on the garden. Water is standing between the rows. Some of the rows have water almost to the top of the row. We have what southerners (and I am one) call a mudhole with more rain on the way. William and I will have to figure out a way to drain the water from between the rows. If we don't we will have plants drowning out from all the water.

The grass and weeds are growing faster than the vegetable plants. If it's a few days before I can get in the garden to weed, we will have more weeds than veggies.

I did see that the cucumbers have come up. There are two hills that hasn't come up yet. All the squash have come on up and are growing. As have the butter beans. Some beans are still sprouting.

No sign of the green beans or peas that were planted last Saturday. It's only been four days though so these seed should start showing their little heads in a few more days. The okra will take close to two weeks before popping its head through the soil.

The tomatoes look healthy and are growing. The pepper are doing well also.

Back to the cucumbers. The seeds that I planted were packaged for the year 2004. They had been stored in the seed box which is an old cheese box. I am pleased with the germination rate on these five years old seeds. They were slower germinating than the newer seeds.

From now on, I won't be in such a rush to throw away seeds that the package says is out of date. I will at least try the seeds. If they don't come up then I can replant with new seeds. If they do come up, I've saved some money.

I hear thunder in the distance and it looks like night time outside. More RAIN is on the way. I don't want to think what the garden will look like after this storm blows through.

This is the rows where we planted peas last Saturday


Row with tomatoes on the south end.


Rows of squash, cucumbers and butterbeans.


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  1. Oh ick! I feel for you guys in the south! Im up in Il and we too have had a ton of my area none of the farmers have been able to get into the fields. They are starting to panic a little. Cant say that I blame them.