Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally Hatching

The baby ducklings are finally hatching. Hubby set the ducks and didn't tell me so I didn't know how to count the days. So far this afternoon, we only have two. I'm hoping that in the morning we will have several more.

There's just nothing as cute as new ducklings. This one was walking around spreading his wings like he was grown.

I'm not sure if this breed will lay more eggs or not. I hope they do. I would like to incubate some of the eggs.

The ducks are Buff Orphingtons. We have two ducks and a drake.

We also have Matilda. Matilda is a Jumbo Pekin. She is a pet. We let her roam around and don't expect anything from her.

Picture of proud poppa and the mommas. The baby is standing at the end of the duck's beak.


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