Sunday, September 21, 2014

They're Up!!!!!!!

I went outside to make some pictures of a chest of drawers William had refinished so I could list it on a local buy, sell or trade site.  While I was outside I checked on the garden.

The kale and Swiss chard was planted on Wednesday of last week (9-16) and I'm happy to say it seems every seed planted has popped out of the ground.  When the plants are little larger I will need to thin them so they'll have space to grow.

The turnip greens were planted on 9-18 and they are up thicker than hairs on a dog's back!   If we can just keep the henbit and chickweed from overtaking them we'll be alright.

The collard greens are beginning to grow and that's a good thing.  I hope they get a good growing spurt before the weather gets cold. 

Just had to report on the progress of the garden.  Thankful the seeds have come up and pray they will continue to grow and produce plenty of fresh food for us this fall and some good frozen food for us this winter. 

Nothing like garden grown veggies.  Don't you agree?

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