Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy To Say:

We have the collard greens transplanted.  William picked up a dozen plants at our local county co-op on Tuesday.  He also bought some turnip green seeds (2 varieties) and mustard seed (2 varieties). 

We got the collard greens in the ground on Wednesday and planted the turnip greens and mustard greens yesterday afternoon (Thursday).  Right after we tamped the soiled down over the seeds a good rain came.

The kale and chard are coming up already.  Good! 

I received the row covers one day this week.  Now we need to make a frame for it over the beds.  We'll use PVC pipe to do this.

William also bought a pack of long red radishes.  These I am going to put in two large pots we bought roses in.  Then if there's a frost in the forecast I can set them inside and put them back out the next morning.  I could keep a pot of radishes going for most of the winter unless we have a winter such as we had last year and then everything will probably freeze including the kale and collards.

Nothing much is going on around here.  Just wounding down the summer and waiting for fall like temps to come visit us.  Thankful we finally have our fall garden planted and hope to harvest plenty of greens for winter from them.

Thanks for dropping in and please come back again.

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