Friday, September 5, 2014

More Canning And More To Do

I've canned more watermelon preserves and pickled some peppers since my last post.  I hope to make one more batch of the preserves before the watermelons are too ripe and there's plenty more peppers that will be ready for pickling in a few days.

The pickled peppers that I canned one day last week.  The slice jalapenos are for a friend and the rest are for us.  The chopped chilies will be used with our greens this winter.  I'm looking forward to that.

Enough heat in these four jars to warm the whole country.  LOL

I have another picture I want to share just because I think it's unique and pretty.  We had a hard rain one day last week and I made this picture of the rain running off our roof.
We could use some of this about now.  It is hot and dry here.  According to the weather forecast we were predicted to get rain today but so far all I've seen has been sunshine and lots of it with intense heat.
The rain will come when it's time!
That's about all the news from here at Hunny Bunny Haven for now.  We do have a wedding coming up on September 13th.  Our grandson, Jonathan and his fianc√©, Alexandria will be getting married in Fayette, Alabama that afternoon.  Jonathan is our first grandchild to get married.  We are looking forward to being there to see the beautiful ceremony and to wish Jonathan and Alex a lifetime of love and happiness. 
It's time to start dinner for my Hunny Bunny so I'll say "So long."  for now and I hope to see you all soon.

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