Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Second Summer Garden Going In

William and I planted yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, sweet basil and parsley Sunday afternoon. After we got the seeds in the ground a good rain fell. I'm hoping that the rain will bring the seed up quickly.

The soil won't stay damp long though. Not with the hundred degree temps we're having now. Every day this week the temperatures are supposed to reach 99-100 with heat indexes between 110-115. Today the heat index was 108 degrees.

Enough about the heat. It's going to be around for a while. Back to the gardening.....The squash, zukes, cukes, peppers and tomatoes should produce for a while before it begins to get cool here. I would still like to make another planting of green beans but we don't have a bed made for them and since school has started I don't look to get a bed made for them.

I'll be happy if the squash, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes produce a good crop for us.

We should be seeing some baby bunnies arriving in the next couple of days. Everything is set up for them. I hope that the temps aren't so hot that they won't live. We're not having very good luck with raising rabbits. It would be nice to have at least ten to go in the freezer for this winter. I guess we will just play the wait and see game. :)

The turkeys are growing so fast. They are about ready to move into a new pen. The guineas will probably stay in the brooder for a while longer even though they have grown quite a bit also.

I was checking the turkeys out Sunday afternoon. I think we have one tom and maybe the other four are hens. That would be very nice. We could raise some for the freezer next spring.

I'd love to see our freezer full of homegrown turkeys, rabbits and chickens. Throw some deer meat into the mix and we'd be set. Another game of wait and see.

We haven't had rain in two days now. There is rain in the forecast for tomorrow and Thursday. If it doesn't rain in the next couple of days I will need to water the ground that is newly planted so it will remain moist enough for the seed to sprout and come on up.

That's life here at Hunny Bunny Haven. It's kind of lonesome around here since William has gone back to school but we're looking forward to Christmas break when he plans to retire. Yipee!!!!


  1. I hope your seeds you planted sprout for you. We had no luck at all with our garden this year. It was the wettest June on record and the seed potatoes rotted in the ground before the plants came up.

  2. Granny, I'm sorry about your garden. Our problem has been drought. The seeds I plants have started coming up. We're having to water the garden though to keep the soil damp enough that the seed don't die.

    I love raised beds because they're so much easier to work but they dry out so quickly. We may take down the frames and go back to rows. We'll wait to see how our fall garden does.

    Do you plan to plant for fall?