Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hot and Dry!

It's still hot and dry here at Hunny Bunny Haven even though we did get some rain last week. It takes a lot more water for raised beds than rows. At least that is my thinking.

The cucumbers and zucchini are up but the yellow squash didn't come up very good. I saw two plants out of the six hills we planted. In the morning will be replanting time.

William pulled up the pole beans (Louisiana Purple Pods) and the tomato vines that had died back. We're (or I'm) going to plant some Blue Lake bush type green beans in both beds. I talked to a lady at the county agent's office and she said according to the info she had bush type green beans can be planted through August and produce before frost. We should have four thirty-six foot rows of green beans. I hope they produce good and I can get some more beans put up for winter.

William and I are talking about going back to rows instead of the raised beds. I love my raised beds because they're so much easier to work but it takes so much more water to keep them well watered and raised bed do not produce as large a crop as rows do. If we decide to go back to row gardening, we're going to till up the garden and cover it with leaves and chicken/rabbit manure. Then we will cover it with black row covers to rid the area of weeds (I hope). If we do this maybe next spring we will have good, soft, pliable soil instead of the hard, clay, gravel laden soil we have now.

We have the pen almost ready to move the turkeys and the guineas into. The door is ready but has to be hung and then we will move a rooster and hen we have into that pen, clean out the pen where those two chickens are now and then move the turkeys and guineas into the old chicken pen. The pen that the chickens are in at this time has a tin top on it. The turkeys won't drown when it rains in this pen.

Life is knd of boring here right now. It's too hot to do very much outside. At least I'm getting the inside chores caught up. I'm looking forward to cooler weather of which some is supposed to be coming into our area next week. The night time temps will be down in the low to mid sixties. About a fifteen degree drop for nights. The temp should be a lot lower in the mornings when I get up so I can get outside and do some work before it gets too warm.

Thanks for dropping in. I hope you'll come back again soon. :)

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