Sunday, August 21, 2011

One Less Chore Waiting To Be Finished

Today the turkeys moved into their new home. Now they have a pen to run around and fly around in. They didn't seem very happy about the move at first but when I went back out to check on them they had adjusted well to the new surroundings.

We need to build a tractor for the young guineas so they can go live under the pine trees and be extra "Tickanators" for us. They are loud little rascals. The two older ones we hardly notice they're around but those four younger ones can be heard all over the place. They sure make their presence known. LOL

The young pullets are molting. I hope that means they'll begin laying in a few weeks. I'm eager to start gathering the eggs. It would be nice if every one of them would lay every day. We'd get two dozen eggs just from them each day. There would be enough eggs to sell once the younger hens' eggs are added to the Buttercup hens' eggs.

I can be like my Grandmother Rushing when the younger hens begin to lay. I'll have my cookie jar with the egg money in it. :)

The green beans are bowing up out of the ground. We still don't have the other bed planted. I was hoping to get that done this weekend but sometimes there's changes made to our plans. This was one of those weekends. Maybe we can put some greens in the other bed. Turnips would be good! So would collard greens or kale.

The tomato plants are blooming and there's some small tomatoes on them. I hope the frost holds off until about the middle of November. I'm probably hoping in vain but it doesn't ever hurt to hope.

That's about all that we having going on around here. Thanks for dropping in. Please do come back for another visit soon.


  1. Weekends seem to have a way of changing our plans don't they? I hope you have good luck with your fall garden. Can you put row covers over some of the greens to extend the season?

  2. I'm sorry Granny. Our lives have been so crazy recently that I haven't had a chance to check on my blog.

    Kale and collard greens survive our winters here. Turnips get nipped if the temps fall down in the teens but a lot of the time they put back out too.

    Thanks for the good wishes for the garden. I love to garden all year round. I want a greenhouse and I have a small frame but we don't have it closed in yet. That would make a good birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift. :)