Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Little Of This And A Little Of That.........

William caught another skunk in the trap.  He's trapped four skunks in the last three weeks.  I don't know why they've chosen us to visit.  We're not the only ones with chickens and other birds.  Also, it looks like the word would get around in the skunk community that this is a dangerous place to come to visit.  They come but they don't leave.  William has said instead of "Boot Hill"  he has "Skunk Hill"   behind the storage building.   

I realize the varmints are only doing what varmints do to get ready for winter but we don't intend to fatten them up for hibernation.  We are like Marie Laveaux....Instead of man it's "Another skunk done gone."  :)

We have had a beautiful day today.  The temperature was fifty-four degrees at seven o'clock this morning and the skies have been so blue they were  breathtaking.  The next few days are predicted to be much cooler during the day and sunny with nighttime temps in the mid fifties.  Sounds like autumn is in the air, doesn't it?  All three days of autumn that we have as my sister, Carolyn likes to say.  Three days of autumn and then it's winter.

I hope Carolyn's wrong about this.  The cucumbers and squash are beginning to produce and we have tomatoes that are starting to bloom.  Winter would be early and our garden would be gone! 

I hope to be able to get the kale and swiss chard planted this week.  We have to remove some old tomato plants and some green bean plants.  Then get the soil ready for planting. 

We were looking for some ideas for using wooden pallets today.  I found one that was used for gardening.  Some good soil had been leveled and a pallet laid on top of the soil.  The seeds were sewn in the spaces between the planks of the pallet.  We are thinking of trying this for the collard greens and maybe some mustard, turnip greens and radishes while we're planting the other greens.  I really like the look of the bed.

There you have the news from our little homestead.  About the most exciting happenings around here at this time is watching the veggies bloom and hoping we'll get a harvest before frost.  O.K....and trying to keep from surprising a skunk while we're outside is a little nerve wracking  but we're still enjoying the outside....Thank you for coming by.  Please drop in anytime.

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