Monday, December 10, 2012

It's been three months since I last posted to this blog.  A lot has happened in that time.  The most important being our grandson returned home from Afghanistan safely.  We're so very thankful for that. 

Another that has to do with our homestead is we sold a lot of our animals.  We had an over abundance of both rabbits and roosters.  We sold fourteen rabbits and sixteen roosters.  This should make the feeding costs a lot less.  We still have plenty of rabbits (7) and unknown number of hens with two roosters left. 

The hens are laying good now.  I'm hoping we don't have to buy anymore eggs for a while.  There, for a while we were not getting any eggs.  That doesn't set good when we were feeding all those fowl for nothing.

William and I are staying very busy.  We clean a couple of houses, he's doing substitute teaching several days a month and we have a flea market booth in Meridian that really keeps us busy.

We spend at least one day a week "junking" for items to redo or repair or just shine up to place in the booth. Then another day is spent pricing the items and getting them set up in the booth.  We're not getting rich but it's fun.

In the last post I mentioned William had caught a skunk in a trap.  Since I last posted he's caught a couple of more skunks along with some possums

Even with catching the scoundrels, we've still lost two of our Khaki Campbell ducks.  I'm really not too sure if they were lost to four legged varmints or two legged thieves.  Either way, they're gone.  We only have one duck left. :(

This is a quick catch up post.  I'm going to try to be more diligent in posting from now on.  At least once a week.  I now need to get back to addressing and writing Christmas Cards.  So on that note, I wish you all a very blessed Christmas Season!

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