Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Showers Make Jan's Garden Grow

The garden is up and growing.  William did a great job getting the beds ready and getting the seeds into the ground. 

He fertilized all the beds today.  Then after lunch we got a good rain.  I could almost see the plants growing if I looked closely enough.  LOL 

The duck eggs we have in the incubator haven't started hatching yet.  I hope they hatch.  There's a duck setting on a large clutch of eggs.  If the incubator eggs don't hatch maybe she will hatch us some ducklings.

The goose is still setting.  It's getting about time for hers to start hatching.  According to what I've read it takes about 34 days for goose eggs to hatch. 

We also have more baby rabbits on the way.  All four does are bred.  We are going to have rabbits invading all our spaces.  We already have twenty-nine baby rabbits and MORE on the way.  Help!!!!

I'm doing much better after my accident.  I'm doing all the inside chores and get to go outside every once in a while.  I have to be careful in the sun so as not to sunburn the areas that were burned in the accident. 

We're going to a large flea market here in Philly this weekend.  We have a booth there and are hoping we clear out some of the clutter from our storage building along with making a few extra bucks!

It's a busy time around here right now.  I hope to have some pictures of the garden and of our new babies to post in the near future.  I invite ya'll to check back soon and see what we've been up to.

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