Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break Is Over....

Our accomplishments for last week are: Loafing on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Wednesday and Thursday we finished the 4' X 16' raised bed and got it filled with soil, built two brooders (one for ducks and another for the geese I plan to order), a chicken tractor framed out just waiting on the wire (this is going to be for the guineas), a pen pretty much done for the ducks when they are old enough to go into a pen, the laying hens' pen cleaned and new bedding put in it, leaves rakes up and put in the compost, and all this was done without any mishaps. YAY!

We got in some "Moon" watching last night (Saturday), had company for lunch today and a visit this afternoon, from my friend, Leaesa who went and moved off to Kansas and her mother, Miss Clara.

It's been a nice week. I hate to see it end. Wish William could retire and be home every day.
Maybe one day. :)

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