Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Daffodils Ain't Got Brave Yet!!!!

William and I worked in the yard most of the day Saturday. The daffodils haven't begun to poke their heads out of the ground yet. There must be some more really cold weather coming soon.

Saturday was a beautiful and warm day. Temps reached the mid-seventies and the sun was bright as any spring sunshine could be. However, today is a gray, rainy day with mid-fifties for high temperatures.

We did get a lot accomplished on Saturday. I planted a big bed of wildflowers mixed with some older flower seed that I've had for several years. I don't know if they will come up but if they do then we will have all sorts of pretty flowers in our front yard this spring and summer.

The bed that I planted the wildflowers in also has some daffodils, day lillies and Black-Eyed Susans in it. It should be a sea of color when they all start blooming in the spring and summer and possibly on into fall.

William hurt his back working on the flower beds. When he sits down he can hardly stand up. He will be seeing a doctor in the morning if everything goes as planned. He's been in misery all night Saturday night and all day today.

Even though the daffodils aren't brave enough to start showing up, the forsythia and Japanese Magnolia are brave little soldiers and are marching right on into spring with the buds popping out up and down the branches of the bushes.

That puts a smile on my face for I look forward to the first flowers of spring and it won't be long before they're HERE!!!!!!

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