Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Rainy, Rainy Thursday

A couple of days ago we put rabbit manure tea around all the veggies. We had gotten everything hoed and dirt pulled up around the veggies. This afternoon we got a good rain. I'm hoping that the rain will soak the manure tea in around the roots of the vegetables and they will start to produce. I'm getting ready for fresh tomatoes, okra, butter beans and cucumbers. Not to mention some fresh green beans and squash will be good, too.

The water was standing in between the rows for a while. Since it's been hot this week it didn't take long for the water to soak into the ground. I didn't make pictures of the water standing this time. I figure that a couple of pictures on a couple different days people will get the idea.

But I did make some pictures of some flowers a day or two ago that I'd love to share.

I hope you enjoy walking through our yard with me.

Beautiful pink zinnia that came up volunteer in the greens patch:


A daylily growing by William's goldfish pond


The yellow canna brightens up a shady area


This purple leafed plum has been cut down to the ground time and again. It's determined to live so I think we should let it be. It's burgundy leaves are beautiful in the shady backyard.


The elephant ears get as big as a wash tub before summer ends.

A couple of North Carolina Cherokee rose blossoms. This rose has some serious thorns.

Last is a single bloom from one of the gardenia bushes. These blooms smell heavenly.


Thank you for taking a stroll in our backyard. It's been a pleasure.

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  1. I love to read all about your vegetable garden and about your flowers. :) I don't have flowers or a garden so I will live through you and yours. Be sure to can some of those veggies so next time I come to MS I can come see you and eat dinner with you.
    Love you and love your blog!