Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's That Time Of Year......

Or at least I hope it is. Time to garden! I've planted some radishes, carrots and beets. I had the radish and carrot seed but we had to look three different places before we could find beet seeds.

Our county co-op didn't have any of the beet seed....Go figure. William finally found some at Lowes. He bought three packages so if the ones I planted this afternoon don't come up at least I have more seed to replant. :)

We bred our white rabbit this afternoon also. We bred her once (or thought she was bred) but no babies. If she doesn't produce this time I think we'll be looking for another buck.

I've put the brown (Cocoa) in with the buck a time or two but she's not interested in being a "momma" even though she was pregnant when we got her.

We weren't sure when the kits were due and she had them while we were gone to our family reunion and she killed them all. Bad Momma!!!! I'd like to breed her again since I know she's fertile just to be sure the buck is.

It has gotten warm enough here for the kits to survive if born around the last of March. We're almost out of rabbit in our freezer. One more package and that's it.

I'm getting an order together to order more "Easter Egger" chickens, some ducks and a couple of geese. Maybe a few turkeys and some guineas.

William has never wanted the guineas but I think I've talked him into making a chicken tractor for them and putting them out under the pine trees and let them feast on the ticks that are so rampant under those trees. Maybe, I've talked him into it. I'll just have to wait and see.

It would be so good to have some more animals other than chickens and rabbits. Geese for the garden, ducks for my enjoyment and their eggs, guineas for tick control and turkeys for the freezer or canning. Sounds good to me.

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