Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jack Frost Came For A Visit....

Ol' Jack Frost came for a visit the last two nights. He sat amongst the collard greens turning them sweet and tastier. Tonight for dinner we are going to see how sweet the collard greens have become. I am pairing them with baked sweet potatoes, cubed steak with gravy, one of the last three cucumbers from the garden and a tomato that I pulled last week when I thought Jackie Boy was going to visit us.

William has been watching the collard greens for weeks. He made a comment about how big they'd grown most every time he went outside. That is a lot folks for my hubby goes in and out dozens of times a day. LOL

I hope that he will be happy with the meal he's getting for his dinner tonight. He's waited long enough for the greens to be ready!

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