Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day Of Spring-March 20, 2010

This first day of spring began a little dreary but later in the day the sun decided to come out from behind the clouds and officially start SPRING! William and I worked in our garden area for a while this morning. We cleaned around the winter onions, planted the fig bush (that actually survived in a pot throughout the winter) and then William put pine straw mulch around the fig tree and the blueberry bushes. That was the extent of our outside work except I planted some more radishes in the container.

The lettuces are growing. I plan to fertilize them tomorrow if it's not raining all day. Rain is in the forecast for most of the day tomorrow. Since it's already begun to rain the forecast looks pretty promising.

If it rains then William will stay in and rest on his last day of spring break. After tomorrow, it's back to school for all the teachers and students. They will have a long weekend for Easter. After that no more holidays until school is out.

William has done a good job with my secret garden. He's got the walls up and we've set some plants out in the garden area. Weather permitting, I plan to paint the glider and the chairs to go inside during the Easter weekend. I'm thinking Easter egg blue for the glider, one chair will be pink and the other will be yellow. We will paint the table William is going to make a light green. Won't that be a colorful place to relax? I'm looking forward to it and am hoping to get finished before the weather gets hot so I can enjoy sitting out there. A good book and a glass of good iced tea. UMMM.....I'm just a southern belle. LOL

We've been discussing purchasing some more easter eggers. We've been well pleased with the ones we bought last year. We didn't get loads of eggs this winter but we got enough that we didn't have to buy any from the store. That's more than I can say for the barred rocks we had.

Maybe I can order some more chicks around the first of April as the temps will be getting warmer. That way it won't be so hard to see after them. I do so hate to have to buy 25 though. I only need about ten pullets to go with the ones we already have.

That's all that's going on around here for now. Except for one wonderful event taking place this week. Our son came home safe and sound after being deployed to Iraq for nine months. A happy heart I'm carrying. :)

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