Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Fingers Are Getting Itchy!

The temps have been in the mid sixties the last few days. The sun has been shining and the skies are blue. A little promise that spring is on the way. This weather makes me want to dig in the garden.

I'm planning a bed for fingerling potatoes. This is to see if we can grow them here. I've seen several dishes prepared on cooking shows and they look so good. Now it's time to try my hand at growing my own potatoes and make those dishes. :)

We need to get out our pots and plant some cabbage seed so they will be ready to transplant by the end of February or the middle of March. I need to make a bed where I can plant greens. Fresh salad greens sound like a heaven send at this time.

We were watching a cooking show this afternoon where the woman was slicing cucumbers. I turned to William and said "Just think it won't be long before it's time to plant our cukes." Can't wait.

I think I am coming down with a huge case of spring fever. There's a cure so don't worry. The cure includes a tiller, rabbit/chicken/compost fertilzer, bunches of seeds and a couple of digging tools. LOL Add to this a bright sunny day and a couple of Naproxin Sodium (for old stiff achy joints) and I will be fine.

Now that I've worked myself into a frenzy wanting to get into the garden....I will tell you the weather forecast for this weekend starting on Friday (tomorrow). Ice and snow is possible along with freezing rain. Yep...that's a cure for spring fever too. Brings one back to reality pretty quickly.

But there's a promise that springs on it's way and I believe the promise. A couple of more months and spring will be here in it's bright, sunny green glory!

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