Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Has Come Again!!!!!

The world is green again!!!!  The trees have leafed out, the grass is green, flowers are blooming and we're planting vegetables.

This year we have two of our raised beds filled with cardboard and leaves.  These two beds will lay out this summer so the leaves and cardboard can compost.  Maybe, they will be ready for fall/winter planting.  If not then by next spring.

We have planted three varieties of green beans.  We planted them on the fence in the edge of our yard.  There are some Rattlesnake beans, TN Greasy beans and Yard Long beans planted so they'll run on the fence.  They're also planted in the front yard in the flower bed. 

We also planted yellow squash and two varieties of zucchini.  They're in the flower bed too. 

There's a raised bed waiting to be planted with Louisiana Purple beans.  I know it sounds like we will be overrun with green beans but we are completely out.  None, Nada, Nil.  So I'm planting green beans in most every corner I can find.

William has a row about ready on the west side of the yard to plant butterbeans (aka lima beans).  We haven't planted butterbeans in a long time.  I hope we have a good couple of rows and I can freeze some for the winter.

It would be nice if we had an area to plant field peas.  We have either bought or our oldest daughter has given us any peas that we've had in the last several years.  

Buying vegetables gets expensive and I don't like to take what the daughter and son-in-law have worked hard to raise. 

I'm looking forward to the fresh veggies.  There's just nothing any better than sitting down to a meal with fresh vegetables from my garden and meat we have raised.

I am looking forward to posting pictures so as to share what we are growing.  Thank you for coming by and please come again. 


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