Sunday, June 1, 2014

Spring Has Sprung And Summer Is Knocking On My Door!!!!

Here it is June 1st and I haven't posted in over two months....Almost three months.  A lot has been going on here.  We do have our beds planted. 

This year we planted yellow summer squash, zucchini, tomatoes (twelve plants with six set two weeks after the first six were set out), Jalapeno, Cayenne, and Sweet Bell peppers, cucumbers, lettuces, radishes, and Swiss Chard. 

We have gathered a few of the yellow squash.  I'm looking forward to adding several bags of squash to the freezer for the winter.

The lettuces and radishes have already been harvested.  The heat doesn't take long to do tender plants in and it's been in the nineties here several days.  The lettuce and radishes just can't take those temps.

We have some Thai Basil and Sweet Basil to put out along with Common Sage and Pineapple Sage.  I was hoping to get them in the ground this afternoon but the rain came again.  I'm looking forward to a fresh ripe tomato sandwich loaded with Sweet Basil.  Yummy to the tummy!!!!

We had some unusually cold weather this last winter.  I think it has helped the flowers as our roses, azaleas, snowball tree, and other perennials have been beautiful this spring. 

We plan to plant some more tomatoes into the ground for late fall eating.  I have some cherry tomatoes that I want to plant.  I think we have room for six or eight more plants. 

We still don't have any chickens or rabbits.  William and I are going on a trip with all four of children and their spouses in a few days.  When we get back home I plan to order some chickens to go to "Freezer Camp"  a little later on and about a dozen pullets for eggers.  I hope we can get a couple of does and a buck to be able to raise young rabbits for the freezer also. 

Our son-in-law harvested a good size buck last deer season.  We have it in our freezer so I'm thinking maybe fifty chickens and ten or twelve rabbits and we'll be pretty much set for the winter.  I would love to have a wild hog but my hubby doesn't hunt so I'm figuring there won't be any pork in the freezer.  That is unless I can get a friend to get me one.  That will be later on in the season though.

I plan to post some pictures in a few days.  I hope you all will enjoy them.  Thank you for coming by and please come again.

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