Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is Spring Just Around The Corner Or?

Are we just beginning to have winter here in our area.  We've had colder weather the last few days than we've had all winter along with some snow flurries that came and went yesterday.

My fingers are all itchy to dig in the dirt but with below freezing temps that's not feasible. 

There's only 17 days until the first calendar day of spring.  I hope that in the next 17 days we will begin to have days that are warmer and nights that are above freezing.  I'm craving a fresh fried green tomato, bacon and lettuce sandwich.  I don't think that's going to happen any time soon what with this cold weather lingering around here.

Some of the flowers and blooming shrubs are covered with blossoms.  The forsythia, purple leafed plum and daffodils are blooming.  These bring some brightness into the dreary days of winter and gives me hope of warmer days.

About the only thing going on around Hunny Bunny Haven at this time is waiting out winter and hoping for spring. 

I know we get spring before a lot of the country but it still seems like a long time since fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and squash were abundant.  Here's hoping the time is coming again soon.

That's all folks.  Only my plea for springtime to arrive and arrive soon.  Please come again. 


  1. Hi............

    I saw on a homesteading forum that someone was willing to send you Jewelweed seeds.

    Were you able to get a stand of the plants?
    If so, were you able to save any seed (or have any to spare or sell)?



  2. I never got to plant them. I'm sorry I would have been happy to share if I had any.