Friday, July 24, 2009

The Pots And Pans Pantry

While it's not the largest pots and pans pantry in the world it's large enough for me. I have gotten the pans that were hanging on the wall, those cast iron pots and pans that were sitting on the stove and those that were on the counter tops all put in the pantry. There's a lot more counter space for working and that is what I was hoping for when I asked William to build the pantry.

There's a shelf for the storage containers, too. I keep the sugar, sweetners, flours, meal, rice, etc. in containers on this shelf. They are convenient to the stove and the containers are off the counters.

The next phase of this renovation is to get the cabinets down from the walls and the walls painted. Then we will paint or stain the shelving and the pantries. The shelves will be installed and new floor covering will be put down.

I don't think William is too keen on installing the floor covering so I am on the lookout for someone to do this job for us.

Here's the pots and pans pantry:

Nothing spectacular to most folks but it certainly is to me! Thanks Honey for all your hard work!

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